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  • Hi guys, I'm having trouble with the path finding. I would like to know if there is a way to clear the path. For some reason, the units just 'usually' follow the original path set out for them, and walk through the solid objects. Not sure why. I believe I can get around it by creating a new object at the location of the current unit, and then delete the original, but that is one heck of a crazy work around.

    Any ideas?


  • Tell the monsters to search for their path each tick/second, they will refresh the path each tick/second. And as for how they go through solids, I tried to solve this question too.

    Did you change your avatar?

  • fassFlash

    Doesn't work when I change it to Every Tick. The arrow just sits there. Can you replicate it using the attached example?

    Not changed my Avatar left, still working on it :)

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  • Wait, what? Arrows? I thought you were talking about monsters!

    If you have problems with arrows not colliding with the monsters, there is an action for the turret that predicts where the monster will go. I will look into the caps next day.

  • Hell, it's in Beta! Are there any problems with this Beta? If not I will update to it

  • fassFlash

    Sorry, yeah, it's in Beta. I haven't noticed any issues. It's pretty good so far. If I change it to every 0.1 seconds rather than ticks, it seems to work quite well, but it doesn't look that great. Also, sometimes the units (otherwise known as arrows at the moment) just walk through the turrets. Not great at all...

  • Ok, I'll just look it up.

  • fassFlash

    Any luck on this? Or is it working fine for you? I thought a turret defence games would be easy with C2. If I have predetermined levels, then yeah, it should be easy, but I wanted to have the player be able to change the path on the fly.

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