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  • I'm just curious if there is a way to make the turret turn away from an incoming object to avoid getting hit by it. BUT, still go after the intended target? So follow the assigned target and turn away (When in range) from other incoming objects.

    Thank you in advance.

    Glad to see all the improvements going on here.


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  • I've managed to have it turn away when something comes into range, you can use rotate angle, set angle -180deg from the incoming object etc for this but I'm yet unable to have it continue going after the intended target. If it's not facing the target it doesn't tend to shoot at it. I'm kinda curious as to EXACTLY what you mean though because it might be easily resolved by for example just flipping the sprite image of the turret, so it looks like it's facing away but is still targeting the player.

  • The best way I guess is to show you. Here is the link to my game online that I'm using for testing...


    The pitfalls in my games are random orbs that come out and when they hit the shields is does something to the shield (make it smaller, freeze it, make it inadvisable, etc..)

    I have these in place but the problem is I didn't think it was fair if the turret could not avoid them or only the player was penalized for getting hit by them.

    I want the turret to have to take the same risk of moving it's guard to avoid them as the player...

    I hope this makes more since...

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