How do I turn a sword

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  • Hello people,

    Sorry for my bad English

    As soon as I want to hit the left with my sword, he stays on the right.

    I tried to turn him with mirrored, but then he is in a wrong position and he still moves to the right.

    Who can help me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 1. If your player starts attaking, you have to set the perfect position for the attack by code (or just attack if he is in the right position range).

    2. You have to change the moving direction related to the direction you want to move (e.g. not mirrored ->, mirrored <-) by code.

  • Hello mercuryus,

    Is it possible that you can make an example and a screen shot of the code?

    If it takes too much time then it does not have to

    Thanks in advance

  • I'm not shure if it is a good idea if i send you the ready code.

    Isn't it you want to create a game? You hav to learn how to use C2....

    But if it's a big help post your capx and i will se what i can do.

  • I only referred to the basic code, I do not manage to find anything on YouTube that show how to turn a sword stroke to the right and left without turning the sword to a wrong angle, such as upside down. I'm trying to improvise, maybe it will eventually work out

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  • I found the solution,

    This on youtube:

    Construct 2 Tutorials Español # 4 Colocar escudo al su jugador HD

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