How do I turn off sound in phone when hit home button?

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  • I currently have published my first app in google play but still in Closed Beta so not for everyone right now.

    I have few issues from my tester that i need to solve.

    my app have sound and when the user hit 'home' button on their phone, the sound still on even when they go to their phone screen again and not in my app. (this case is the app is not killed, so the user can get back again without restart it).

    The problem right now can be solved only with killing the app but what I want is make the sound stop without killing the app and just hit the home button.

    are there any other way since i've been looking for the code in C2 but found nothing?

    anyone with the any suggestion for me?

    and thank you before.

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  • That is a strange problem. How did you export the game to a .APK?

  • StudioGJ well, you should go look for how to export it to android platform.

    There are few tutorials about it.

    Back to my question, is there any solution from anybody?

  • sorry for bump again today, nobody have a solution for me?


    sorry guys...

    I've found the solution..

    for anyone who have the same problem and/or issue like this and found this topic, please try this:

    --> Add plugin Browser to your project.

    --> in event sheet, add event, choose browser then pick whatever you want or you need.

    also don't forget to see audio plugin properties due to it has an option to play audio in the background as well.

    That's it.

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