How do I turn off controls after object has landed?

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  • I am attempting make a clone of the Sword Fighting Puzzle game from Puzzle Pirates. I am running into a few problems.


    My biggest question is what is the best way to make a block that has landed/ stopped moving to no longer be controlled by the user? It seems very simple and i tried to use a instance variable and the platform behavior to check if falling/stopped. But it doesnt seem to do anything.

    Capx for example:


    (added @ so I could post link)


    Also a smaller question is: I would love to make it to where the block only moved 32 pixels at a time. I know how to do this one way. and I left it in the capx under the group name Movement by Pixel. But as I commented in capx when I do this it allows the block to move through the solid wall. Could somebody point me in a direction on how to do this? (btw just disable the 8 direction behavior and enable the Movemen by pixel group to see what i mean.)

    Thanks a million.


  • Fixed a few bugs in the project for you just uploading and getting you a link to the fixes I made to it

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  • Thanks for the help. When I open up your link I cant find the changes that you made. Could you tell me what you changed. Sorry I am slow sometimes. I really appreciate the help.


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