How do I turn object...Grid movement.

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  • Just trying to move an object 90 degrees on button press without moving from the tile the object is in.

    I had started making a grid based movement system. It worked for a little while, but I can't remember how I did it.

    I figured out moving up, and down every 32 pixels.

    left and right is what I forgot how to do. I remember it required some sort of code.

    Problem is, I try to do it now, (on key pressed left & right, turn at angle rotate clockwise/counter clockwise appropriately.) It worked before. But I started over due to code salad.

    A better way to describe it is, tank controls. But, grid based.

    It works the first time, on press left, but the second time I press left, the character seems to move to a different tile...

  • Can u upload a simple capx file? Cheers.

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  • Hey man, sorry I actually figured it out.

    For some reason the camera tends to jolt making me think its not working when it is. Thanks.

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