How do I make a turn battle system with words for learning

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  • Hey guys, im making a learning game and i need it to have a pokemon like game system

    But instead of attacks, it must have words...for example

    to hurt a monster you have to choose between 3 words

    1) EGG

    2) EEG

    3) EHG

    if you choose word 1, the player attacks, if you choose the wrong answer you take damage, also i need to know how to load a huge amount of words, like 30 correct words and 60 mistyped words.

    also for the next turn the words should appear in different objects, EGG can't always be the first word, it should appear con the third place for example.

    i'm thinking on using something like excel or XML but i'm an amateur.

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  • Experiment with:

    button objects

    text objects

    onbutton click events

    and setting the value of the text object to something new.

    Those things should get you well on your way. You'll have to do a good bit of learning.

  • Okey ill try to mess with that, but also,

    What should i do to store a lot of words? if things get really complicated i will have to hardcode all the words

  • Well, you're going to have to "hardcode" them no matter what unless you develop some sort of importer. You'll have to explain more about what you're trying to accomplish, but first I really recommend the following:

    Try it.

    If it doesn't work, try to make it work. There is no "wrong way" to program in this context. If it works, it works! If it doesn't, or works poorly, that's when you debug.

  • i'll try to re explain,

    So this is going to be a learning game,

    When you encounter an enemy, you go to a layout called battle

    you are going to learn some grammar, for example,

    if you encounter a certain enemy, let's say, an orc...

    when you encounter an orc, you will have 3 options to click,


    You have to click the right one... if you don't, you lose health.

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