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  • Hi, Im new to construct 2. I have been trying reading and searching through the forums for any information on how to make a simple turn based game.

    Can anyone 1 point me out in the right direction as to how to implement an end turn function as i couldnt find any tutorials in the forums and manaul. Thanks!

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  • It depends how you want it to work. Probably the simplest is to make one global variable and switch that between values

    Global variable = 0

    • do player 1 stuff

    Global variable = 1

    • do player 2 stuff

    Changing turns can be made by timers - if some time passed set global variable to 1 or 0 or 1-global variable (will switch automatically between 1 and 0)

    or player movement - if player finish moving - end turn

    If I remember correctly there should be an example of turn based games in "How do I" - sticky post, but it's lost somewhere due to new forum installed recently

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