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  • Hi there. I've found a problem that I can't seem to fix.

    Is it possible to tune volume/force game to play the sound only once when it happens to be triggered multiple times simultaneously? As for example, my fighting game is about beating up masses of enemies. When player punches a group of enemies, the sound of hitting every enemy plays at the same time causing serious crackling noise.

    I've thought about making some minor delay before the sound so the engine gets time to count and "filter" some sounds off, but haven't done it yet.

    Any better ideas?

  • It will clip if multiple sounds are triggered, are you adding a tag to the sounds triggered?

    You could have a global variable for each, to be reduced/increased each additional sound.

    So for example, each time someone is hit

    Fist On Collision with Face :


    _ PunchSounddBvar=PunchSounddBvar*0.5

    _ Audio - PlaySound Punch Tag "Punch"

    _ Audio - Set Volume "Punch" PunchSoundDbvar

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  • Sorry for late answer, but I don't get your example. Could you make it more simple, or explain it better? Sorry for being a bother, but I'm really out of ideas here.

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