Trying to make a set of check boxes and updates

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  • im trying to make a quick app to help others in another app respec their items.

    what im trying to accomplish is have ITEM [] checkmark box. when the item is checked, it will add those variable that it alters, when it gets checked again, it will lower the variable. during the lowering and highering, it will also update the text box. in theory, there will be a lot of items, with lots of variables. im not sure the best way to handle all of these.

    what i have so far is a built up array, which i could use a dictionary if need be i think? a problem i found is using a button -> Check box, there is no IS NOT CHECKED under events. i was trying to make 2 instances of each checkmark box. the other problem is i think it would be easier to put all the items that can be checked in a scroll box / list. i used to use construct a lot more in the past, its just been a while and need a few pointers in the project before i can really get the steam rolling. Thanks!

    fyi, im more or less using this project as a visual spreadsheet typa thing, and just want an easy to use GUI vs some other means.

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  • You can right click and invert a condition, so Is Checked turns into Is Not Checked.

    I'd probably just make a bunch of items with triggers on clicked to apply changes to your stat sheet array, rather than checking the state of each list item to constantly recalculate everything.

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