Trying to make Donkey Kong Duo mechanics with Physics

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  • Hello there

    I am currently working on a project where one of the main features of the game is a Duo Platforming system similar to that of the original Donkey kong country (1) games , we have the switching down to a tee but as we are using physics with these characters , it is difficult to make the second player follow the first in the precise way we want it to , it is also important that the second player maintain the same rules and abilities for interactions as the Player themselves .

    At the moment we are stumped as for how to make this work as you can see below (2) I've attempted to create a list of different commands for the second player and this works ok but its not precise enough and causes the second player to ping pong back and forth or overshoot the second player.

    If any one has any advise or any solutions please let us know it would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you for your time ,Ryan.


    Example of the mechanic we want

    (2) Our current Coding

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  • I think DK more or less uses "path tracing" for this - constantly writing player coordinates and such into an array and setting the cpu player to them with a delay.

    Kinda like this

  • Thank you very much , this looks like it will help.

  • I'm working on this:

    Actually I didn't finish the events for the player who follow the other one (there are some bug), I just made a lerp and set the same x,y and different event to don't fly on the edge of the platform... very simple, but I didn't use physics, just platform behavior

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