Trying to get ads to work in my game!

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  • I have created a game with the addition of ad mob. Having uploaded my game to google play I have had 3 people test out my app, all finding there are no ads present. Any ideas why?

  • did you use admob plugin or cordova-admob-plugin ?

  • Cordova admob plugin

  • You need to give us more details..

    1. What kind of plugin do you use?

    2. How you build it (intel xdk, cocoon)?

    3. "Cordova admob plugin" your write above is not exist.. What is the url?

    If you use official admob need to import this: com-plugin-admob-cordova

    If you use cranberrygame admob need to import this: cordova-plugin-ad-admob

    etc etc etc

    Attach a screenshot image, or write more details in steps.. It's too difficult to help you.

  • Right mi fairly new to this so bare with me ,

    I exported it from construct using cordova and imported that into intel XDK follwing this tutorial .. ... alk/page-6

    I have then uploaded it to the google play store with no ads showing.

  • Also what screen shots would help?

  • No need to upload to see if you have ads. Still not give more detail mate..

    Screenshots from construct 2 with admob settings, event etc and from intel xdk panel.

    Or if your capx it's just for a test, you can upload it too. No need to upload a capx if it's a personal project.

    1. What admob plugin do you use inside construct 2? Official?

    2. Do you copy/paste the ids you make from your admob account to admob plugin inside construct 2?

    3. Do you export as cordova?

    4. When you import the project in intel xdk what kind of admob link do you use? You need to import the plugin inside intel xdk before build.

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  • 1. I use the official one

    2. I use the codes from my ad mob account

    3.I export as cordova

    4. I import a 3rd party plugin "cordova-plugin-admobpro" in intel XDK

  • m1tch3llb I got same problem whih you. and I use the admob plugin . export to cordova project. import it into xdk(the lasted version or 2893 ) and import third party plugin from local:cordova-plugin-admob-master build it as android app. the ads won't show . my construct2 is old ,and i haven't update it..

    maby you can test your ad in your mobile without uploaded it to the google play store .

  • I suggest you check out Josek's plugin right now:


    I was able to build my game using that today.

  • Try to use this: "com-admob-plugin-cordova",

    If you get error in intel xdk or black screen when you run the game, means need to try the plugin MPPlantOfficial suggest..

  • MPPlantOfficial Wont work on my construct

  • Josek's plugins work 100%. I think something wrong you do..

    Don't forget in intel xdk, if you use admob free from Josek need to use: "cordova-plugin-admob-free"

    and if you use admob pro need to use: "cordova-admob-pro"

  • MPPlantOfficial how did you make the cordova plugin to be a construct2 plugin ? I download the plugin and how to use it in c2? I copy it to the construct2's html5>export>plugins . but not work..

  • What do you mean? You download this: "" ??? You can't convert, whatever.

    Look, here are the steps:

    1. Download the plugin from here: ... -free.html go down below and you will find some links.

    2. Extract zip file and copy and paste here, or just move it: html5/export/plugins

    3. Open construct, insert admob free, make your changes and export as cordova

    4. Open intel xdk and insert this link as plugin: or just write: "cordova-plugin-admob-free"

    5. Build and done!

    Note: Use latest construct and intel xdk.. I test it and work 100%. If someone use old versions can't help more.. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="Rolling Eyes">

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