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  • It�s a common problem, i�m using in my computer a trutype font but when I play the game in another computer without this font, the "visual" mess up.

    Guys, any tip for this ?



  • Search here for Resource Plugin which allows temporarily installing a font for the game to use.

  • C2 hasn't "ressource plugin", wrong section Somebody :)

    For the fonts, you need the "target" computer to have the font you used installed in its system.

    For example if you set the font "arial" in your editor (because obviously you add "arial" installed), if the computer that executes the project doesn't have "arial" installed, as you said, it end in a visual mess up.

    Either make sure to provide the font and have your user install it on its system before he plays your game (tedious method) or use "system fonts" (like arial as a matter of fact, fonts that will be installed by default on systems) or finaly use sprites (your text with the correct font as a picture).

  • Whoops! My bad. I wish CC and C2 sections were colour coded or something.

    Anyhow - modern browsers support font loading and such - perhaps an option for C2?

  • Thanks guys...

    Well, I need to write a "sprite routine" for my game score...

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  • Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Again !

  • Use the CSS tool, it's much easier to use and it supports a variety of formats, and it works right in the canvas! In my opinion, Construct should have support for this by default.

  • It might be trickier than it appears.

    The way I see it (but I may be missing something), webfont and font-face creates a font family on runtime thanks to some CSS styling. But how would you get this font-family at edittime ? I'm not sure the editor could emulate it.

    Also it would require the dev (the end user) to modify the exported .html to add the informations concerning the creation of the family (and the font files, etc...).

    I'm awaiting Ashley's opinion on this one. I agree that it would be a nice built-in feature, but I'm wondering on how it could be implented in the c2runtime in the end.

  • Well guys, I have a problem...

    I try to implement this sample and it didn�t work correctly...

    When my score reaches 10, the routine didn�t shows 11, stopping in 0.

    Suggestions ?

  • You should post your capx, it'd make it easier for us to help you out.

  • Kyatric,

    This is the link :

    Thanks again for your help !

  • In "maingame" layout display set the text "valorscore" property "initial visibility" to Invisible.

    In "gamecode" event sheet the event 58 needs to be a subevent of event 57 and then score appears to work.

  • Thanks again !!

    I�ll test and send a report here !

  • Works !!!

    Thanks again for your help !!! Now I?ll work in layout and some new things !

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