Troubleshooting with sound conversion

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  • Hi guys,

    Since yesterday sound fails to be converted. My sounds should be fine since I was able to import them till now. It doesn't work even with the one I was able to import before that. I don't get it. I think it might be a cause external to construct because I cleaned up a lot of stuff on my PC recently. Any ideas ?

    They are standard 16bit PCM wav, 44100hz.

    Thank you


  • Can we actually see some screenshots and what errors are given upon import finish? Also, try downloading Audacity and convert any wav files to ogg vorbis instead.

  • ogg works but since we need to import AAC for full suport, it is much more convenient to use wav conversion rather than exporting in both formats for each sound. So I would like that thing to work again.

  • It's a problem I've actually encountered myself, but I'm not sure if we're the only two with this. Try this: Make sure your audio files are in stereo, and if not, convert them to stereo from mono. You can do that easily in Audacity (it's free and it's pretty versatile!) and a tutorial on how to do that can be found here.

  • Hi,

    Actually all my files were stereo before too and I never had any trouble. By the way I work with audacity already. I tried to do your operation anyway, by manually splitting the tracks left and right, but it is the same.

  • Any idea?

  • Some sounds just refuse to convert. Most of the time it's because it's a mono file, they rarely work. Sometimes it's not 16 bit pcm.

    Then you get the one you can't explain. I just convert those to each, OGG and AAC and import them both under the same name. It's faster than trying repeatedly to get that WAV to import.

    The next sound will probably import fine.

  • Sounds that used to work without any issues before are now not convertibles to AAC anymore.

    I posted in "How to" because I don't think it is a Construct 2 bug, I think it is something related to my windows doing weird stuff since there was no C2 update related to sound conversion. I'm kind of desperate here, this is going to take so much time, my game is all about sounds.

    Thanks anyway guys.

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  • You could always post a link, we could poke around and see if it is a corrupted sound file. at the very least, send you back a converted file.

  • Hi guys,

    I solved the problem, as I expected it was my bad. My sounds are perfectly fine, but I forgot that I actually had modified to my codecs support with TweakTools to make another thing work, it is so stupid. Thank you for your support anyway.


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