How do I troubleshoot long loading times?

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  • At some point while working on my project, the time it takes to load a preview in my browser has gotten out of hand. Realistically, it's only about 5 seconds , but it feels like an eternity when I'm constantly tweaking things and reloading. I'm used to this process being more or less instantaneous.

    Is there any way to see what the game is doing during this time? I tried deleting my larger music files and turning off the "Preload sounds" setting, but neither seem to have any effect (and there shouldn't be any music being loaded on this layout, anyway. My event count is getting pretty high (a little over 1,200 now). Approx. download size is 4.5mb (down to 2mb when I delete the music).

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  • Try disabling some event groups and see what changes. Once you notice a difference you'll know if it's caused by a certain event

    Although, a preview loading time of 5 seconds doesn't sound that bad. Remember that during that time C2 is compiling the project and the browser is loading it, so it's natural that it starts taking long the more stuff you have

    Writing optimized code (avoiding too many events whenever possible) also helps

  • you can compress your media and sprites by using these two very important and free apps

    "MediaHuman Audio Converter" this is a free application that will help you to decrees you sounds sizes specially if you have a lot of sounds in your game(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

    and you can watch this amazing tutorial to understand how

    youtube(Dot Com)/watch?v=bOQqvCCUYCY

    "Caesium" is a free application that will help you to decrees your sprites sizes

    although if your sprites are png format it won't help that much

    but if you don't mind having black background instead of transparent it's going to be a good choice.

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