How do I troubleshoot export problems?

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  • Hi,

    This isn't really a bug report as much as a question about the best practices for troubleshooting when C2 hangs in the middle of exporting a project.

    My students recently finished their first C2 assignment. This morning, I demonstrated how they should export their projects to HTML 5 format. Out of fifteen students, approximately five students encountered an "infinite export" bug in which the progress bar never ends. It was impossible to cancel out of the program, so we killed the process in task manager. They replicated this problem several times before we moved on to the steps described below.

    It occurred to me that the problem might be caused by some sort of Dropbox file lock situation, so I encouraged students to export to the local downloads folder instead. This appeared to have solved the problem for a couple students, but not all of them. I also encouraged them to double-check to make sure the minify option was checked. This appeared to solve the problem for two more students, though I don't know if there is a causal link.

    For the fifth student, I ended up copying the project file over to my Dropbox folder. Then, I opened up the project on my computer and was able to successfully export it. This suggests that there was nothing wrong with her file. After class, I rebooted the fifth student's computer and was able to successfully export on her machine as well.

    So far, there has not been much rhyme or reason to this problem. I did not encounter any export problems when using C2 last year for a previous version of the class.

    Does anyone have tips about a) common causes of export errors, and b) troubleshooting steps that I might want to investigate?



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