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  • I can,t preview any layouts in my capx. When i save my capx and open it, my latest sprites change size and their images get removed. If i create more sprites the same thing happen to them. My capx is here:

  • All your sprites, layouts, event sheets have names like these:

    (lots of repeating letters "Y")

    I have no idea how this happened, did you name them in English? Maybe you used some unsupported language/encoding.

    It may be possible to repair the file, but this will be a lot of work. Rename capx to zip, unpack it into a folder, rename all folders in \Animations folder, replace all object names in .caproj and all *.xml files (excluding *.uistate.xml, you can delete them)

  • I have changed all the things you wrote but how do you turn the file into a capx when you done that?

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  • You should be able to open the project in unpacked format, just open the caproj file with Construct 2. Or create a zip archive and rename it to .capx

  • I don,t know how to open the caproj file or how to rename a zip archive to capx. I want you to make one or all files into a file i can open whit Construct 2. Then i want you to share it by a website.

  • You don't know how to rename a file??

    Or you can simply try to open .caproj file with Construct 2, the same way you normally open .capx files.

    I tried opening the file from your link, it's still corrupted.

  • I do know how to rename files but when i renamed the file to capx or included capx in it,s name i couldn,t open it whit Construct 2. I can,t open the caproj file with Construct 2. If you can,t tell me how to do this i do it on my own.

  • Your file is named "This thing"

    You need to remove ".zip" from the end. To do this, you need to see file extensions in Windows. But, as I said in my previous comment, even if you do this, you will still not be able to open this file in Construct 2, because the project is corrupted.

    If you want to try fixing it, you need to rename the file to "This thing", unzip it into an empty folder and then manually edit caproj and all xml files.

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