Trouble with double tap to start game on Ipad

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  • I have some games that require a double tap before the game will start on Ipad. (Tested on two with different versions of the OS)

    They appear to work fine on Iphone, and I have games that work absolutely fine.

    The first tap starts the music as there needs to be an interaction before the music starts, this is on all of the games, even if the user has already interacted on our domain, which is unlike Android or desktop, and previously iOS. However on the games with the issue, it's a tap to start the music, (I can tap on the start button for the game), and the game won't start, then another tap on the start button and the game starts.

    Has anybody come across this issue and found a solution?

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  • Can you say clearer

  • Can you say clearer?

  • On some of our games, on Ipad, you can tap on the PLAY button, and the music starts, then you tap it again and the PLAY button performs the function of starting the game. So it's taking two taps to start the game.

    The first tap, no matter where you tap on the screen whether it is in some space on the background, on on the PLAY button itself, will only trigger the music to start.

    On some of the games, also on Ipad this is not an issue, one tap on the PLAY is enough to start the game.

    On Iphone, desktop, android it is also fine, single tap on PLAY starts the game.

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