Trouble with animations and attacks

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  • So I have the player with a different set of attacks, set to the keys ZXCVBNM, spacebar, and both the mouse buttons. You can inner change attacks like hot slots. I'm creating a new one, thats only made for the right click at the moment, that you hold down the mouse button, and the first frame of the animation plays. Then when you release the mouse button, the second plays. Quite simple. I want it so when I click, the first frame of the animation plays, and then the second, not instantly jumping to the second. But I only want it to damage an enemy or whatever on the second frame. For some reason I guess my "Else" events are preventing me from doing it that way? I'm not sure. Basically I want the animation to play when I click, not after I release, and damage other sprites on the second frame. Apologies for being bad at describing things. Dropbox link bellow:

    https : // www . /s/v6g91z1cj131aa1/Project.capx?dl=0

    The attack you can select from the bottom menu, on the right click thingy. Its called smash. The Slash and fly are already finished. Try selecting the smash and see where I'm running into issues. Ive got over 300 events so if you need help navigating my event sheet let me know. Any critique is greatly appreciated~

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