Trouble with analog sticks on xbox360 pad

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  • In the middle currently of a 48 hour Game-jam and this hiccup with the controller is really slowing things down, so need a response as soon as :)

    Xbox pad working fine for everything except when I am attempting to set the RIGHT analog stick to control the angle of the characters arm.

    Move right analog stick right and theorectically the characters arm/gun is set right.

    I looked through the forums and only found this, and it is quite advanced to the extent that I don't fully understand it.

    "angle(0, 0, Gamepad.Axis(0, 0), Gamepad.Axis(0, 1))"

    With this used to "set angle" the LEFT stick directs the angle of the arm instead of the RIGHT.

    This is a problem because the characters left and right movement is set on the LEFT stick.

    Thanks ahead guys :)

  • but gamepad.axis(which game pad, which axis) - its in the plugin docs..

    probably not very useful

    where is the angle function?

  • Messes with angles on left stick. RIGHT stick still nothing :/

  • Right stick angle is angle(0, 0, Gamepad.Axis(0, 2), Gamepad.Axis(0, 3))

    matt75 is right. it shouldbe in the plugin doc

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  • Thankyou both of you :) Works a treat, can finally get on with the jam!

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