trigger countdown on button touched/mouse clicked

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  • hi folks,

    i`m actually struggling with a kind of countdown-trigger.

    See the capx here:

    trigger countdown

    You`ll see, what i want to do:

    the Player enters the game with the Start-Menu, the "ready"typo/buttton waits to be hit.After being hit

    the numbers 3-2-1 appear , then it`s said "go" and the game really starts.Ok, the time-counter appears now,

    but i don`t get it to run correctly.Tried some options, sliding the commands here and there...but it doesnt wanna work....

    Another thing: how can i animate the 3-2-1 numbers so, that they appear, lets say with 6 px and grow within 1 second to 64px, ?

    Thanks for tips and comments & have a nice weekend <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Made this example, hope it helps!

    cant open your file on dropbox, .. now i can


  • thnx a lot vtrix for your very fast help`s great. I didn`t know yet, that you could handle texts this way.

    thnx again :)

  • no, its fine now, .. thats alot of events for a countdown, im not a fan of the wait function, i sometimes have trouble with it, i also see that the timings are off,strange..., but in my example you can reset the "start" and "attoken" var to restart the countdown

  • i`m just thinking of another dummy-object, set false by boolean from the start on. And when the last number is killed, the dummy object`s variable is set to "initial sequence ended" = true and by this the main level-countdown starts.Dont know if it will work...gonna see tomorrow...i have to go to bed now --> simply too tired to simple thinking <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I extended the example how you could do this


  • I made a couple of small changes. I moved the 'Countdown' group out of the 'StartSequence' group, set it not active at start and then at the end of the start sequence I set the 'Countdown' group active.

  • thnx vtrix & ramones, this is great!

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