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  • Hello guys,

    i'm still here with my first project that you can find at this link - (still in working progress mode).

    I tried to run this game in iPhone 3gs, ok i know i have to set the touch proprieties, for now i just set an event where touching my character an animation will start. The problem is that the game don't run in my iphone. It load but after nothing happen, only an empty page.

    may you help me?

  • Trying to help with some outside testing...

    It didn't work on my 3GS either, but ran fine in my desktop browsers and on my Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2 under a few different browsers (Opera, Dolphin, etc.) I went ahead and tried it out on my iPad, too, and it didn't work either, so my guess is it's something iOS-related.

    Unfortunately I haven't been using Construct 2 long enough to be of much help in troubleshooting and there are others on here that know WAY more than I do, so hopefully my testing gives someone some ideas and they can chime in.

    If there's anything else I can possibly help with let me know. I'm willing to try.


  • Congratulations, You have all the devices LOL !!

    I hope that someone Will help me to find where is the problem with IOS

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  • It works in Chrome and I don't have an iPhone to hand - have you tried enabling the debug console in the Safari browser and checking for any error messages? Instructions here.

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