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  • Howdy guys and girls,

    I'm having a little trouble on figuring how to do this level of mine. Basically, I want the users to see if they can remember the words which they have typed in the previous level. On the bonus level, I want them to just be able to type, and the letters to appear if they are correct. However, i'm having trouble coming up with a way for them to select the word once they've typed the first letter as the words are all split up into individual sprites/text boxes. Another problem I can't seem to understand how to pass is if there are multiple words that start with the same letter, how to not pick one until the user has entered a second key.

    I know it's a difficult request, but could anyone give me some insight on how to go about this?

    Here is my capx so far:

    Thank you, Rogalog.

  • Arrays. I know little about them, but this is probably what you are looking for. Look up the manual.

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  • I've used arrays when acquiring the strings, but it's having them look good, e.g. having each letter in its own sprite, but still being able to target the word that's being 'tackled'. Really confusing me right now, haha!

  • Is this possible? I'm getting the feeling it isn't, or that it takes a lot of work. Would just love to know if it's possible or not, so I don't end up wasting time. Thank you.

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