How do I Make a Trial Version of My Game?

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  • Hey guys,

    I've searched the forums and have unfortunately found nothing to help me with my question so I was wondering if you could help! I recently finished creating a game that I wanted to upload to the chrome web store. It strongly recommends that I include a trial version of my game so users can test if they like my app before they purchase it. I saw this as a good idea but have no clue as to how I would do this. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • At end of demo

    If (trial)
    change layout to purchase
    In construct that would be a global variable trial that is set to true when the game is in trial mode and when purchased it is false. Then you can check after what ever level you wish to run the check against the variable and if it's true it will send the player to the purchase screen.
    Hope I helped.
  • dmurphy

    just to be sure i understood correctly. (c2 newbie)

    This means the user will have the entire app and its just based on the global variable if its a trial or purchased?

    and how is this global variable stored if its purchased?

    thanks in advance

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