How do I : Make transparencies?

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  • Hey, I've been looking around, and all I can find is info from the older version. I was just curious if there's a way I can make a certain colour transparent. 255, 0, 255 doesn't work. And maybe it's just my program (Graphics Gale.) But I save them with white as transparency, yet they don't seem to show transparent in Construct. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Perhaps changing the 'effect' under 'proeprties' of the sprite to 'additive' may help.

    This makes any color 'dd its hex value to its background. Black becomes transparent and every other color seems to glow - great for lighting effects.

    Not sure if this is what you want - it may help though.

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  • Look on google for the keywords : "How to alpha layer Graphics Gale", or something of the like (specify the software and "alpha layer", the alpha layer IS the transparency you're looking for).

  • Crayron do you want to have this color transparent from the start or do you want to change its transparency by a given event?

    What kind of image format you will use for (for ex png)?

  • The PNG file format supports alpha transparency. That's the modern way of doing transparency - using a "color key" is a bit old fashioned, but some graphics editors still don't properly support alpha transparency.

    Try Paint.NET (unfortunately there are tonnes of scummy adverts designed to trick you, so here's a direct download link). That properly supports alpha transparency.

    Graphics Gale might also as well, but I've never used it.

  • Thats exactly what I aimed for Ashley :).

    Paint is cool also you can use Gimp which will give you some more options.

  • Here is a good tutorial for Gimp Here

  • Hey, thanks everyone for all the replies. I was hoping I could make white, within the program, the transparency. Because like I said, I would have to go through a whole lot of images and change them, then reupload them into Construct. Was just hoping there was a way I could save myself some time!

  • We're hoping to add drawing tools to make this easier in future. In the mean time you could try asking the developers of these apps to enable proper alpha support! It's really old fashioned to not support alpha. There should at least be an option in the program to export your artwork with transparency using a color key. As I said, Construct 2 itself does not use any color key.

  • Ahwell! I just went through and found my issue, it was 4:30am when I was trying to figure all this out. Haha. Unfortunately, I did have to re-save, and reload all my images, thankfully though, the collision boxes are actually doing a good job of finding where they need to be. Thanks a lot for all your help. :)

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