How do I transmit Peer movements ? <Multiplayer>

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  • I asked a week or two ago, when Multiplayer was new, and am hoping some of the users here are now more familiar with the Multiplayer function and can help me out.

    Basically this CAPX is to allow a Host and Peers interact, and see each other run around on the screen. The only problem is that when the Host moves the Peers can see them move; but when the Peers move, neither the Host nor fellow Peers can see their movements.

    I have a feeling that the problem is either in line 9 or line 21, but I just don't know what I need to do to fix it.

    If you can suggest a change, even if you're not sure if it's right, please suggest it, as I'm super desperate

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  • Have you gone through the Multiplayer tutorial 3 which covers this?

  • I have, yes.

    I've just been playing with it for the last hour, now have it all working (I think) except for Line 18 & 19. It seems that on creation of Peer, it assigns one of the Host players to the Peer, but allows it to be controlled by both Peer and Host. And the two characters in the bottom right that are meant to be controlled by the Peer, are controllable by neither Peer or Host.

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