Transmission in the car

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  • first gear has the most power but is the slowest (known as in a car)

    2 and 3 gear have less power but car can drive faster (platform game)

  • And your problem is?

    Do some research on formulas to detect speed and acceleration in relation to transmission, then adjust your formulas for each gear.

  • mindfaQ Problem is when five gear have more KM(horse power) than first gear.

    When i drive thru the hill better is five gear than first

  • What is it that you don't understand about making gears in Construct2?

    I guess you should have these variables:

    • Acceleration
    • Decelleration
    • Maximum-speed
    • Engine-speed

    Than you should create some formula's that test these variables in relation to eachother.

    engine speed is probably the one that is most important in this formula, for it is the one that is more limited in higher gears.

    higher gears need less engine power to keep speed, but more engine power to accelerate.

    It will make the difference between choosing higher and lower gears in the hills.

  • It could probably even be made in an easier way..

    going up a hill deceleration will increase while acceleration stays the same.. which will in effect make using a lower gear more usefull, because it's acceleration-power is higher.

    Using the engine-power though makes it more realistic in my opinion.

  • LittleStain ok so you have idea how add "- Acceleration

    • Decelleration
    • Maximum-speed
    • Engine-speed "

    to physics object?

  • yes.

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  • so.. the higher the gear the lower the force applied.. but if the object is already moving you dont need that much force to keep it rolling, unless it's going up a hill, because then it's moving against gravity..

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