How do I translate my game/program in multiple languages

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  • Hi i was thinking about .ini file, but i don't know how to do this. Is there any way?

  • The best way would be a XML. You can make many other things with it.

    The cool thing is:

    You create the way it's organized, not limited by groups like in INI

    For example, I'm developing an rpg system which has its characters set by an external file.

    And I also have a second one just with the text.

    Dialog example(which can be furter developed, you can nest an infinity of text inside each character for example)

    <chapter 1>
    <character-a>Grab your destiny!</character-a>
    <character-b>Did you see the ghost?</character-b>
    </chapter 1>
    <chapter 2>
    <character-a>The cake was a lie.</character-a>
    <character-b>There was no ghost? Myths are created by a lack of purpose.</character-b>
    </chapter 2>[/code:6zm3cgim]
    Example of data for a character, which will get interpreted during the excecution, I can't stop to think about the creative possibilities brought thanks to it and the modularity we could achieve, like, an editor with really easy and straightforward sintax:
    <monster name="Pikatchoo" type="famous" atk="12" def="12">
    <info>It's a clone of a famous japanese character, always with the flu</info></monster>[/code:6zm3cgim]
    Here is a tutorial link which explains how to get the values from a file:
    I suggets also taking a look at w3schools, I found their explanation really easy to grasp and in 3 minutes I was making a heavy-nested file filled with data for characters.
  • I would just use JSON.

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  • Rexu

    Just use Translation plugin:

    If you want to see working example

    , go to and click Block Puzzle

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