How do I make a Transition Effect (Advanced)

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  • Hello (:

    I wonder if I can make a transition effect like this: (in 0:01 seconds e 0:02 seconds) in construct own, I can only think of a program to animate and export out a sequence of PNG

    need not necessarily be that, I want something that comes gradually, can be smoke, light or anything like that ...

    could someone help me?


    if this example is not enough I can look for other references


    I can not put videos yet what will complicate things a bit

    the name of the video is "Child of Light gameplay trailer"

    posted by "Youvid s", all video is 6:10 minutes

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  • I am not sure if I understand what you mean. You need to animate a property (like opacity) over time?

    There are many ways to do that. You can use the Sine Behavior, the Fade Behavior or the custom made Lite Tween / Ease Tween (you can find them on the C2 Plugins and Behaviors List ( You can always use the self.opacity +(something) * dt expression which gives you more control, especially if combined with variables that check if a condition is met.

    Some examples:

    I've tried to use some of the stuff that I mention above (not the custom behaviors) to show you how you can change a sprite's and a layer's position and/or rotation and/or opacity values over time.

  • Basically I wanted a transition effect not as simple as a fade scene

    The link you posted with the examples this not working, well anyway I'll take a look at these plugins a Tween think it will be useful,

    tks (:

  • What do you mean with the word "transition"?

    -Transition between layouts? As within the context of a video editor?

    -Transition from one color to an other?

    -From one point to an other (translation.position)?

    You have to be more specific.

    The examples is a capx file which is working just fine. Download it, open it with Construct 2 (version >167) and run the layout to see some practical usage from the aforementioned methods. In this capx you can see different ways to do some of the above. The logic is sound, you can basically make any "transition" using these methods, especially by using the "every tick -> change some value by an amount * deltaTime (dt)" way, which, in most cases, is the more versatile and powerful of all.

    Anyhow, best of luck to your research.

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