How do I transition a character thru a doorway in an iso rpg

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  • I am working on an isometric rpg. I have walls constructed, along with doorways in which the character can walk through. The issue is handling the z-ordering as the character walks through the door. You end up with something like in the image attachment. How do I get a character to gracefully transition through a doorway or archway like in the professional isometric rpg's? I've tried splitting the doorway in half vertically and dealing with x y comparisons on an overlap event, but that still isn't exactly smooth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hey iac249,

    You could try breaking the doorway into 2 parts, with the near side and top in the foreground, and the far side and bottom in the background, as shown in the image below. By "foreground" and "background" I simply mean Z order relative to the character.


  • Thanks, fisholith. I think that is my best bet. Now it's a matter of sorting out the Z order issues.

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