How do I: Transfer Textbox value (layout 1) to text (leyout2

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  • Hi folks,

    I'm a complete N00B... loving learning and experimenting with Construct2. I've searched the net for this and cannot find the answer (unless) I've not understood it (most likely).

    I'm trying to

    1. Type in TextBox on (layout 1)... e.g. "Rob"

    click Button (layout 1)

    sent you to (leyout2)

    Text reads (hello "Rob")

    Something like this....

    I've tried creating a global variable on layout1 but can't figure how to use it.

    Can someone please put me out of my misery!



  • 1. Type in textBox on layout1 ... e.g. "Rob"

    click button and store TextBox.Text in variable/dictionary/array/webstorage etc

    then send to layout2

    Text reads ... set text ... "Hello " & variable

    I would recommend, you being completely new to do the beginner games which cover all the basics and more. Also read the manual, but you will get more benefit from actually building the games, not copy paste, but actually building it event by event.



    and my favorite...

    Open C2 click new and scroll down that long list to any example and knock yourself out.

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  • Thanks DUTOIT

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