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  • I've got a total of 7 multiple choice questions and 1 short response question in my activity. There is a small arrow sprite for each question that is off-screen until the user clicks on an answer choice. The sprite will then go to the answer they clicked on. At the end of the activity I want to get a print out of what answers the students chose. There are 2 layouts that have questions and the last layout is currently what they will ultimately turn in to their instructor. Is there a way to do this? Would it help including a "persist" function for all the text boxes and sprites?

    If worse comes to worst I can probably just set up another layer that recalls the answers in the 2 layouts with questions (I'm 90% sure I know how to do this, but stayed tuned). If I do this, is there an easy way for students/users to get transfer their results into a Word document. I know I can tell them to just do a print screen, but I feel that is a bit unprofessional looking (most won't crop it) and it can be hard for the instructors to read it.

  • Persist will keep your objects from being destroyed upon changing layouts.

    You can also save your answers to global variables, which persist across layouts.

    Honestly though..... Sounds like the wrong choice of tool for your application. Try using a Google form and sheets in Google drive instead.

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  • You can create separate global variable for each question,

    As students answers to question on first 2 layouts, it will be saved to global variable,

    And using those variables, create the final 3rd layout with all result.

    For print, use the "snapshot canvas" expression to save the layout as image to device or computer.

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