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  • Hello,

    I created GLOBAL variable called Score with initial value 0.

    Like this:

    OBJECT - on collision with OBJECT2 > OBJECT2 destroy

                                                                    > System - Add 1 to Score

                                                                    > ScoreText - Set text to Score

    and the same on the second Event sheet + Layout 2.

    When I destroy the OBJECT2 and then move to Layout 2, the score bar starts again with value 0. I want it to start with the previous value from Layout 1.

    What is interesting --> when I finished with score 20 and in the next Layout I kill monster for another 20 points it shows 40 but initial value (on start layout) is 0 and no 20 from previous layout

    Where is problem?

  • Sounds like you need to also set the ScoreText in 'On start of layout'. The score is still good, but the text object is being reset.

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  • im not sure what do you mean by this action set the scoretext...could you be please more specific?

  • add:

    On start of layout > ScoreText - Set text to Score

  • Set the text to text.score but do it every tick not just on start of layout

  • such a simple thing to do...ok problem solved, thx

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