How do I Transfer an object (player) to a different layout

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  • My game is a side scrolling adventure/rpg. Similar to Illusia (mobile game on ios and google play) , and I thought it would be a simple task but I can't figure it out on my own for the life of me so I've been placing the object (player) on every layout.

    The problem with that is that once you go back, the object (player) is in the same position it was from when you started the previous layout (level area).

    Couldn't seem to find rules for the forums so don't know if links were allowed, but, the early parts of my game are here:WARNING - the game has strong adult language and is meant to be satirical/funny not offensive, click at your own risk. If you click the link, you agree to the warning. Anyway, if there's a simpler way to do this I'm all ears. Otherwise I'm at a loss

    Thanks guys! (I'm new ps, good to be a part of it!)

  • Ah rep's too low, either way I'm sure you can imagine what I'm trying to do here...

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  • *Engages phone typing*

    So what you need to do is create a new event sheet, place global variables related to the position and layer of where you want to place the character, and then "include" that sheet every other level sheet.

    When said character encounters an object to transition to the next map, set the sheet variables to reflect the position of the character on the next map, and then transition.

    When loading the next layout, place the character appropriately using the sheet variables.


  • Thanks for the response! I kinda figured using variable was the only "successful" way of doing this. Guess it's time to read more on variables.


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