How do I transfer the same object to another layout

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  • Hey there guys. I recently got Construct 2 and I am having a blast with it so far. It is way better than Game Maker. My question is, is that I have an object and basically when this object collides with another object (teleporter) it transports them to the next layout (level) My problem is that in my event sheet I am putting the following and it is not working.

    When Object 1 collides with Object 2 > Go to Layout 2

    > Create Object 1 on layer 0 at (223, 30)

    So basically my question is how do I make it so the object actually spawns into the next level and still retain all the same properties (i.e moving, jumping etc)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that it does go to layout 2 fine and then it spawns Object 1 for like half a second and then it disappears.

    EDIT2: I tried making Object 1 Global. But when I do that when I go to the next layout there are two of them in random positions. And they don't move at all.

  • ...Include Event sheet...

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  • Awesome! That worked! Thank you very much.

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