How do I have the trail effect work with a hi-speed obj

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  • so I tried the working methods spawning,particles,the works but the obj is way too fast and the trail ends up broken could someone give me a fix


    MAX SPEED :2500


    MAX FALL SPEED :2500

    P.S.:Slowing the obj down is no option cuz..................... reasons

  • Have you tried increasing the size of the trail maybe?

    I don't really understand what's going wrong in your game

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  • i'd like to find out the answer to this question also. essentially, when you have an object moving too fast (but just right for your game), creating a trail using the traditional examples on this forum does not work...there is an empty space between the spawned trail sprites. making the trail sprites larger is not the answer because you may want the trail to be thin/small for special effect visual reasons.

  • It's almost impossible to offer advice without a capx to show what you have actually done. Aside from saying: try something different? How big is the object - width / height v pixels per tick? How far does it travel on screen? Is it a black bullet or is it a glowing plasma ball with sparks? What resolution is your game window? What's the background behind it like? And so on....

  • Colludium

    here's an image of it

    I can't give a specific background as each level will have a different one

    Its not a problem with my comp for sure

    let me know if anything else needs specifying

  • I'm assuming you're creating a single trail object per tick. If the moving object travels a distance longer than the size of the trail object, you'll get gaps. To compensate, you need to calculate the distance traveled between ticks, and create multiple trail objects along the movement path.


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