How do I trail??

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  • Sorry for english

    I have a sprite drag and drop and want to leave traces.

    I tried to make a circle appear every tick in image point, but the sprite is faster.

    I want a line, but alone get separate circles

  • CaraCul Hi, you might want to check out this thread, very similar:

  • I tried to change the origin point,and still see separate circles.

    I fail to make a line

  • Hi I,m testing Paster Plugin for paste sprite "circle"

    I have a question,, in run Debug the estimated memory is very high.

    The reason is because the plugin paster occupies the entire layout.

    Not quite understand I use Paster plugin for optimize game.

    Which is better to draw a trail?? Paster //or create sprites every tick and destroy in 3.0 s // or suggestion

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  • CaraCul

    This is a simple way to control exactly how objects you want maximum. Did you get the lines smooth? If yes, how? Or does it look the same?

    The gaps are always there, getting bigger, when you speed up, since you can only draw every tick.

    If you have a nasty look of "dots" instead of a line, you can interpolate like I did, drawing more circles between the brush, and the circles.

    There is this Formula, I just used for putting this arrow halfway, like this:

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