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  • Ok. It has been a while since I have been able to work on anything game related because I am a SENIOR now! 1 year to go and I will be a hard working, money earning member of society!

    I am trying to get a sprite that moves around but leaves a trail that is permanent until recalled. Think of it as a plumber snake. You send it down a hold and then you roll it back up the same path.

    How would I go about this? Has anyone ventured in to this area?

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  • Just a thought. You could try the new Pin options. One of them is a rope behaviour. There is an example template in the newer C2 versions.

  • Is it simple shape or an animated character?

    I've produced a great trail effect in the past by having a duplicate image with the fade behaviour spawn every half a second or so at my player object's position (With the conditional of movement), the only hiccup being you have to get creative with layers as the z-order is messed up with the spawned objects.

    EDIT// Just read you want it permanent, you could keep the fade but have the conditional for fade start as a key release or boolean flag?

  • First of all thank you. But what I am trying to accomplish is a little different.

    The plumber sends the "snake" down the hole to unclog the drain. As the "TIP" of the plumber snake goes down the hold it leaves behind a trail of snake wire , since it is connected to the PLUMBER above ground.

    In addition just to be MORE difficult, the plumber eventually needs to get the snake OUT of the hole.

  • you could do that with an animation.And when the plumber decides to retrieve the snake you just reverse the animation.

  • What it if the hold turns left, right, up down, etc? Like an underground sewer maze?

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