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  • Hi there,

    I have a quiz based game.

    I would like to track which questions the students get right or wrong.

    A function will randomly pick questions from a txt file, so i cannot individually specify to write to a file if the specific question is right or wrong.

    Is there other methods, programs or plugins that works well with construct 2 to achieve this analytic function>



    The game will be run using localhost. (I have tried google analytics which didn't work because i don't have a website)

  • Keep track of scores in your own program, as detailed as you want, analyzed as you want. Use localstorage to save and load your data. You can use the browser object's download as string to save to a file, or use NW.js write to disk and have the student send it to you.

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  • oosyrag

    Im not tracking scores, im tracking which questions is done right or wrong by students. specific questions. I want like a game statistic like "the walking dead choice game" It shows how many percent got right and how many get wrong.

    sorry if i didnt make it clear

  • It is the same as tracking score to a certain extent.

    Consider that each question in your text file do have an index.

    Have an array of 2 columns (X = question (index); Y 0 = Number of displays of the question; Y 1 = Number of correct answers) in your program.

    You pick the question randomly, yet you know that question X was asked. So you add 1 display to this question in the array.

    Depending on the result, you add one correct answer to X question (second column, Y 1).

    Save and load the array to and from local storage, this way you'll be able to do the tracking you are looking for.

    Obviously you can then get your statistics out knowing the number of times the question was displayed, the number of times it has been answered correctly and deducing the number of times it was answered wrong.

    Save this array to local storage and have it loaded

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