How do i make a tower wif rotate and resize for each enemy.

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  • Hello everybody I have some questions here:

    I'm making a game of type tower defenses.

    1- I want to make a tower fires a laser that this resizes the position in which the tower is to the position of the enemy object, how I do it, or want to every enemy get the tower behaves this way, resize themselves to the position of the enemy that comes. The overlaping the laser with the object reduces a certain amount of life of this enemy object.

    2. The laser must be rotated in the same direction of the tower and pointing to the enemy object.

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  • So something like this?

    Create a tiledbackground object with the origin on the left on the position of the tower..

    for each tiledbackground pick the nearest enemy.

    set tiledbackground angle towards enemy..

    set tiledbackground width to distance(tiledbackground.x,tiledbackground.y, enemy.x,enemy.y)

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