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  • Hi There, I m a fan of tower defense games, alike as may others so i decided to start a project(the topic says it all).

    The problem is that I dont know where to start or what should i do?

    I m looking for some suggestions like:

    -How do i creat a backgroud (one or two for enmies)

    -How do i creat a turret?

    -How do i spawn enmies

    -money, time, and a quickmenu

    that is it. i m sorry if i wasted your time.

    Looking forward to replies. And Thaks :)

  • I would suggest to try something more straight forward for your first game.

    A Tower Defense Game is a really difficult task, here you can see how far I got in 2 weeks work:

    to your questions:

    -How do i creat a backgroud (one or two for enmies)

    -- paint?

    -How do i creat a turret?

    -- either with a turret plugin or using a lot of math

    -How do i spawn enmies

    -- with events

    -money, time, and a quickmenu

    -- get a job, lose your job, paint :)

  • Well thanks for the GREAT help <img src="smileys/smiley26.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> can you tell me more about that turret plugin?

  • Custom plugins are all stored in the Plugins for C2 forum, you can check a list of the released custom plugins and behaviors and see how to install a plugin/behavior.

    Then the turret behavior topic is the place to go to download it and have info/troubleshoots about it.

    If you're very new to game making I strongly suggest you first follow the beginners guide for C2 and check where to start.

  • I already done that begginer guide, i can now understand the behaviors, instance variables and that stuff.

    what i dont understand is how do it in a way to work, for example:

    I need multiple layouts for start, ending and that stuff in ONE file project? or multiples (separated from Main file)?

    Also very thanks for the info about the behavior/plugins :D

  • You can have multiple layout for your menus/levels and hold them in a single project yes.

    The layouts are accessible only to the project they are in.

    It's like the pages of a book, they all belong to the same "root" object.

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  • You dont, you make something else because TD games are the most over rated, over populated web games on the..... web.

    make something more original.

  • AHAH i Know and my idea is quiet original because no one else have made a tower defense game like mine (i m not gonna to enter in details just wait til i make a single working level for test)

  • OK, a few tips.

    How to make a background? There is no easy answer to this. Do it the same way you are making all your other graphics.

    The turret behavior is NOT necessary. It is actually quite easy to make a nice turret using events.

    I would start on a game much less complex, unless you have experience making games.

    Your general questions are too broad for us to help you much. Read the faq, manual, tutorials, and, most importantly, practice on easier games first!

    Basically, if you need to ask these questions, you need more time to play with the software.

  • You dont, you make something else because TD games are the most over rated, over populated web games on the..... web.

    make something more original.

    I actually think it's a good idea to work on a game of a genre that he enjoys playing and knows well. Better motivation and knowledge. :) It's kind of like when you're starting out writing short stories or novels: easier if your first project is something you'd like to read.

    I have to say that the only TD I actually enjoyed was Cubemen, and that is a TD/RTS hybrid. Awesome game, though.

  • I suggest you watch this youtube video this kid is how I got started.

  • I already watched that video it helped me a lot also i read the tutorials.

    But i have another question (eheh i m a lame XD):

    The backgroud graphic lets imagina that is a grass textured backgroud needs to be "separated" from other backgroud that i will name as "Mob Path"? or i can simply do it all in one using custom movement?

    thanks for the suggestion, i guess i will start working on this as soons as i can once this question is aswered :)

  • i create TD game now, test this for me, if you are fan :D

  • That game remids me a old one "Desktop Defender" quiet good, i still dont understand how to make my turret attack the mobs.

  • download Turret behavior ;)

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