How do I (Tower Defence) fix my Turrets?

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  • I created a Turret Defence game for my homework assignment, and I finally got it to work (with some great help from the users here!) however now that I wanted to add some depth to the game by adding more turret types as well as upgrades - things have started to mess up.

    1) The turret only fires once instead of firing at all targets. No idea why...

    2) whenever I try to create the second type of turret (by clicking on it's image on the "menu") it just creates the first type of turret, and not the one that I want. Not sure why, since the event sheets doesn't mention anything in that section.

    3) And finally, for some reason, the actual upgrades don't seem to work as well and i'm not sure why. (Right click on an existing turret and it'll open the upgrade menu)

    I'd love for some clarification on where I went wrong, and how I can fix this. Thanks a lot!!!

    Capx file:

  • So I managed to fix number 2, that was just a mistake on my own part in the event sheet.... however i'm still stumped as to the other two.

    In addition, I tried to create a pause button, like this tutorial shows ( and yet it doesn't seem to work with the "unpausing" - I can only manage to pause the game.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I'm working on a turret defense myself, can be challenging at times, re your question 1. -> In your Tower Attacking group, instead of using "turret acquire target" try "add object to target"

    btw your game looks nice, well done

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  • Thanks a lot!!! I'll see if that works. The problem is more that the turret only attacks once, instead of continuously - and I don't understand why it won't fire again

  • Just some basic adjustments. Notice that it does more, and yet has less events. ... .capx?dl=0

    I did not comment in the capx. Up to you to (learn) figure it out.

  • Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! I'll give it a look through and let you know what I thought!

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