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  • Hello!

    I'm having a big problem to make a game in this style "Tower Bloxx"

    I could do the part where the boxes are becoming one above the other with physics. Once a box on the other side I say to be physically immobile. Only I'm having a problem to make the stack of boxes have Sine horizontally after a while.

    As soon as I make 100 points, I tell activate Sine down and speak to box to pin down. So far everything right, the battery begins to have cash movement in horinzontal Sine. Just as soon as I send the other box toward the stack of boxes, the box simply sticks to the pile of cash I even hitting the edge of the box (the hit was right on the edge of the box and hang straight, but to pin down makes them stick together)

    My big problem that this mechanic. I do not know what would be the best solution to launch a box getting on top of the other and after a while the pile of cash begin to have the animation Sine horizontally.

    If anyone has any solution will be grateful!

    I managed to express myself and follows an image to better visualize.

    Sorry for my english

    Thanks in advance!

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