Touchscreen analog stick not working correctly

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  • So, I've been trying to make an analog stick based around so that people who play my game on a touchscreen have a half decent control method.

    The implementation I have works perfectly in a modified version of the demo capx from page 5 of that link. I can move the player around (a spacehsip) in full 360 degrees and it moves.

    However when I copied and pasted it over to the main game, I encountered a problem. The analog stick works fine on the game layer, however the problem with that is that then when I move the ship, the analog stick moves away. The problem is that when the analog stick is on the game UI layer, which is always onscreen, the Drag and Drop behavior used by the analog stick ceases to work. This is the case on IE10, and Safari on my iPad.

    I am using Constuct 2 r118.

    Here are some links that might help out:

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Well a couple of things I should note.

    The tutorial was created before ForID. The D&D behaviour was a requirement at the time. You can phase out the D&D behaviour and instead rely using ForID. The tutorial will be updated to reflect this when I have more time.

    Here is the fix.

    oh. I did some fidly for testing. If I missed anything I'm sure you can fix it for mobile :)

  • Thanks!

    Just gotta figure out why it only goes diagonally now :) (Unless thats's an IE issue)

    Edit: Nvm fixed it. Thanks again :D

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