How to use TouchID for 2-Player onscreen gameplay?

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  • I'm creating a simple pong game for both PC and mobile and I'm having this problem with binding each 'panel' to two, different, touches which each are separated on each of the screen's half. I think I'm already able to make only one panel move with a touch on a specific spot, but when I try having two touches, it simply breaks and the last touch gets to control both panels. I've tried writing TouchID's to variables but it's way more confusing then it should be. Big question short: how exactly does one use TouchID to manage two touches on separate sides of a screen, to control completely different and/or opposite things?

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  • Try using DRAG AND DROP

  • You could try something like this.

    Create two sprites, one for each side of the screen. (Sprite Sprite R and L)

    And Sprites racquet (racquet racquet R and L)

    Then in the programming Might put the following:


  • I had already done that part of making two 'touching' spaces on each side of the screen but I guess I got my programming wrong, gonna try that, thanks a lot!

    Edit: It doesn't seem to have worked, now it's even worst :\ I'm gonna try to roll back changes and try to figure it out...

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