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  • Hi to all,

    I'm completely new to Construct 2 but am already very excited with all the possibilities I foresee with it.

    Should be a very simple trick but I need to make appear sprites when the iPad screen is touched.

    Here's how I imagine the trick :

    • Sprites are put on the layout with 0 opacity
    • when an invisible sprite is touched (or clicked), opacity progressively increases to 100 (about 2 seconds)
    • Then, the sprite becomes active and can be used as a button to trigger actions.

    How can I do that ?? I did find the Fade behavior but it's triggered as soon as the layout starts.

    What I would need is a reversed and slowed Destroy action...

    Thanks for your help !!

  • Yup, you can retrigger fade in at any time, so trigger it again .just before you set visible

  • Great ! But is there no other simple way like :

    On touch object -> fade in (2 sec)

    Ok, here's what I did

    Sprite : fade (2, 0, 0, No)

    Mouse -> cursor is over sprite -> set visible

                                   -> fade : restart fade

    Sprite appears only when cursor leaves sprite, not when it enters it

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  • You might find solution here:

    Fade examples

  • Thanks ! I'm beginning to see the light !

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