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  • Hello, I am working on a Touch application and a few of the touchable items are rather close to each other and I am trying to come up with a way to make it so that a user dosent inadvertently touch one thing and mean to touch another. Also thinking of adding a "are you sure/confirm" type effect but that could get real annoying.

    What are some ways that you have come up with to work around this issue? I can see it being a big problem, especially in my app where onTouch things happen and there is no going back, I can see where this can be a real pain point for users.


  • A simple way would be to adjust their collision polygons - make them smaller than the actual sprites so there's less chance of overlapping touches.

    If that's no good (maybe you need precise collision polygons), a slightly more complicated way would be to give each sprite a child object that is the one that's actually touched, and make that smaller. Be sure to pair them up in containers to make it easy to reference the parent sprites.

    A third option is to use different animations or frames - one with a smaller collision polygon, and the other with the full-sized one used for collisions.

  • Thanks GeometriX I do have them a fair distance apart, I guess what I am thinking is what if they accidentally clicked one but meant another? Guess I need to add a confirmation type effect. Ok thank you.

  • How far apart are they, though? What are the chances of the user really accidentally tapping on one of them? I tested a twitch-type puzzle game on my phone - one with objects that are only a cm away from each other - and I almost never accidentally touched two at a time, even during frantic sessions.

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  • They are about 5px away from each other, but in the end what I was looking for is more of a confirm type click, so what I ended up doign is adding a InstVar and onTouch add 1, when it equals 2, then GO!. Thank you for the help.

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