How do I make the touch...touch?

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  • I just did part 2 of the free 5 game PDF tutorial one receives after downloading the free version.

    I am basically learning to make a touch game.

    I have an instance called Elephant, yet when I add

    Condition> Touch > On touch Elephant

    then whatever action (on to the next one), it wont work when I run the game.

    I can provide a screenshot of my event sheet if needed...

    Thanks for your help, super confused.

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  • You need to make sure that you add the Touch object as well first. Or it wont even work.

    Best thing for that is to just double click on your layout and then in the search enter "Touch", add this (rename it if you want). Then in your event sheet you need to add a condition for it, not on the object itself. So go on the event sheet and do this.

    1st: Add Event.

    2nd: Search Touch again (Or press T and find it).

    3rd: Press Next.

    4th: Look down to Touch and double click "On touched object".

    5th: Select the Object you want the Touch to work on.

    6th: Press Done.

    7th: Add what ever action you want to happen.

    Questions? Just ask!

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