How do I Touch Slide my player?

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  • Hello!

    Im kinda new to Construct 2 and need some help from this awesome forum

    Im trying to create similar to crazy brix game movement for my player. Where you must catch a ball with a small "brick" and then the ball bounce off and hit and destroy other bricks on top of screen. I hope u understand I cant post links yet...

    What I want is for my finger to be below the player so that when you move left or right you see the whole player moving with your finger. How can I achieve that? Pin behaviour or. Somehow cant figure it out what to do in Event sheet for this.

    If this was already asked can someone point me there I couldn find anything about this.

    Thank you very much.


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  • Set the players X coordinate to the x coordinate of the touch. I would do the tutorials on touch and also swipe, etc... they will help here.

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