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  • Is there a way to increase the sensitivity of touch responses on devices? I have the web game, that works well on desktop, but on different mobile devices(tablets and phones) the touch response its hard, requires some muscles to tap and this varies across devices. I'm using an iframe to embed the game on d website,

    I found this link about enabling iframe on ios devices (and that worked, cos ios ppl couldn't use the game at all). But now I'm left with the touch response issue.

    I used the touchwrap object in my project for the touch and mouse objects. Anyhelp would be appreciated

    In general, what can I do to optimize my game for mobile browsers, do I get to open another version when d device is detected as a mobile device or what, some weird things are really happening when playing on mobile, its quite slow and some sprites I used to handle collision whch are nt expected to show at all(as they don't show in desktops) show up on mobile, cos of the slowness.

    Link to game is on my signature. Thanks

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